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Samuel Robles is a Cayambis Music Press Composer. Please visit our online store.

For Orchestra
Zafra (2009)
Variaciones Concertantes (2009), Commissioned by the National Symphony of Panama
Suite Panameña (2009)
  (Punto, Mejorana, Cumbia-Fuga) 
Lamento y Punto (2009), Commissioned by the National Symphony of Panama
Capital de Tierra (2003), Soundtrack from the Film by Darwin Flores
amanecer en tiempos de guerra (2000)

Solo Instrument
Tres Preludios a una Cabanga (2011) for Violin
Cabangueando (2010) for Clarinet (alt. version for violin) Listen!
Sonata para Piano (2010)
Tian-Ho (2000) for Percussionist
Four Nature Dances (1999) for Percussionist
Dos Piezas para Flauta Sola (1996)
   (Máscaras, Saloma sin Salomar)

Soloist/Voices and Orchestra
Torito Guapo (2008), for Violin and Orchestra, Commissioned by violinist Eddy Marcano
     (Also: alt. version for Orchestra without vn solo)
Laudatio Dei (2003), for Tenor, Baritone and Double String Orchestra

Aurora (Punto) (2010), for two Bb clarinets. (alt. versions for violin solo, and oboe+bassoon) Listen!
Toccata para 9 (2010), for string nonet (4vn.2va.2vc.db)
Yaluk (2009), for Brass and Percussion, Commissioned by the Joven Orquesta y Coro de Centroamérica
Torito Guapo (2007) for String Quintet or String Orchestra ( Buy!
Mesano (2005) for Saxophone Quartet, Commissioned by DaCapo Quartet
Mesano (2005), for Clarinet Quartet
Danza y Escenas para Cuatro (2002), for String Quartet

Solo Voice/Voice + Instrument or Ensemble
Cambridge Songs (2010) for Mezzo, Bb-Clarinet, and Piano
Coplas (2010) for Soprano and Piano
Kyrie (2010) for Soprano, Mezzo, and A-Clarinet
Ave Maria (2003) for Soprano, Viola and Cello
Tres Canciones (2001) for Soprano and Piano
Magnificat (2000) for Soprano solo
Tarde (2000) for Soprano, Viola and Piano. Buy!
el cristo llora lágrimas de sangre (1999) for Mezzo (or Sop), Flute, Percussionist and Doublebass

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