San Francisco Festival Approaches

As the first month of the year comes to an end, the third version of the San Francisco de la Montaña Festival draws near. This year, I have been invited as featured composer, and I have taken the opportunity to program modified versions of some of my most performed works, all of which stem from my love of Panamanian musical traditions. San Francisco is a town in the heart of the Cordillera Central, the Continental Divide of Panama, where traditions are at the heart of the community. It is also a place where I spent a great deal of time growing up, where many memories were formed.

For this program, I will have some very special guests on stage with me, all of them wonderful friends and colleagues: violinist and master teacher Graciela Núñez, bassoonist-turned-airplane pilot Ryszard González, and guitarist, composer and conductor Germán Pinzón Jiménez.

The set will include the first of the Dos Miniaturas (En tiempo de punto), Cabangueando, Aurora, and an arrangement for violin and bassoon of my Panamanian Suite for small orchestra (yes, I did have fun turning a four-part fugue into a two-part invention). I am especially happy to also include in the program the World Premiere of my recently finished violin work Tres preludios a una cabanga, a piece that though not containing overtly folk elements, does comment upon the inherently Panamanian concept of the Cabanga.

I will also be a guest accordionist and percussionist for Gonzalo Horna, which whom I recorded in his debut album Todo es temporal and with my good friend Germán Pinzón Jiménez, who has been studying guitar, composition and conducting in Argentina.

For more on the Festival, and instructions on how to get there, please visit the event's Facebook Page.