Festival de San Francisco: Premieres, older pieces, new versions, friends.

I have been invited as featured composer for the Festival de San Francisco de la Montaña, a yearly event in a magical small town in the mountains of Veraguas, my "adoptive" home province in Panama. The Festival includes music performances, poetry recitals, great food and much more; all surrounded by the beauty of the Cordillera Central mountains and valleys.

Graciela Núñez will perform several works, including "En tiempo de punto" from Dos Miniaturas, Aurora, and violin versions of two clarinet works, Fantasía and Cabangueando. In addition, she will premiere my recently concluded work for violin solo, Tres Preludios a Una Cabanga, and other surprises.

Additionally, I will also play accordion with Gonzalo Horna, who is also a guest in the Festival. For more information on the Festival, please visit its Facebook Page.