Mozart's Apollo et Hyacinthus

I will be conducting the Panamanian premiere of Mozart's first work for the stage, Apollo et Hyacinthus. The cast will include amazing local singers and experienced international artists (see full cast list below). The orchestra will be comprised of local professionals plus a few members of the Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil Istmeña, led by violinist Oryana Racines, a specialist in this repertoire.

There will be two performances at the National Theatre, on February 1 and 3. Please visit the Production's website for more details on how to purchase tickets. We hope to see you there!

Linh Kauffman (USA) / Melia, daughter of Oebalus
Fernando Bustos (PAN) / Hyacinth, son of Oebalus
Ulises Athanasiadis (PAN) / Oebalus, King of Sparta
María Cecilia Prado (PAN) / Zephyrus, God of the Western Wind
Ryland Angel (UK) / Apollo, Sun God
Kevin Simmons (USA) / Priest 
Vocal Coach and Harpsichord - Lupe Ávila
Conductor - Samuel Robles